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We want to aim for "KANKO (Sightseeing)," which shines by being involved, for both visitors and residents.
With that in mind, we launched TANOSIKA.

We will broadcast from here the attractive nature, culture, and people of Kumamoto Prefecture, and strive to become a hub that connects them.

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Located in the almost central part of Kumamoto Prefecture, much of the town is included in the Kyushu Mountains, which results in higher elevations.
Therefore, one of its characteristics is that it is cool and comfortable in summer compared to other parts of Kyushu.

The Midorigawa River, a first-class river, flows through the center of the town, and it is bustling with sweetfish fishing from summer to fall.
Taking advantage of the terrain surrounded by mountains and with a large river flowing through it, there are several barbecue and camping sites in the town, which are crowded with many campers throughout the year.
Also, the Ayu-no-Yanaba, a 400-year-old building, is open year-round, and during summer to fall, you can enjoy course dishes such as grilled salted sweetfish and fresh sashimi.

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Seasonal Recommendations. Seasonal Recommendations. 
Seasonal Recommendations. Seasonal Recommendations. 

About Access

You can access Kosa Town in Kumamoto Prefecture by plane, shinkansen, or car.

< By Car >
About 30 minutes from Kumamoto City
About 15 minutes from the Kyushu Expressway ""Mifune IC""
About 30 minutes from Kumamoto Airport
About 1 hour and 45 minutes from Fukuoka City

< By Bus >
About 60 minutes from Kumamoto City
From Kumamoto Bus Sakura-machi Bus Terminal to Kosa Bus Stop
About 30 minutes by Kumamoto Airport Limousine Bus (50 minutes from Kumamoto Prefectural Office to Kosa Bus Stop, 1 minute walk from the bus stop)

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About Access

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How to get to Kosa. How to get to Kosa. 
How to get to Kosa. How to get to Kosa. 

About ATM

Some shops accept cash cards, but there are also individual shops that only accept cash, so it's best to have cash on hand when traveling to Kosamachi.
There are also several convenience stores in the town center where you can withdraw money from an ATM. There is no tipping culture.

About ATM

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Our objective is to promote community development in Kousa Town by collaborating with various individuals and organizations within and outside the town, with the goal of creating an attractive environment where people can live and raise children. We aim to discover or enhance the allure of all local resources, including nature, tradition, food, and townscapes, and to create sustainable community development through the circulation of the local economy driven by an increase in the number of exchange residents. Additionally, we seek to promote health through the formation of venues for exchange activities such as sports and cultural events, resulting in a community where all town residents can feel happy.

  • 【公式】人と町と繋がれる宿 - NIPPONIA 甲佐 疏水の郷 | NIPPONIA KOSA CANAL TOWN イメージ

    The former Matsunaga Tobacco Shop, which is about 130 years old, is located in the shopping street of Kosa Town. The building has been renovated into a lodging while maintaining its traditional charm. The concept of this old house inn is "a place like a veranda that gently connects with the local community".

  • 一棟貸しの宿屋 kugurido - 暮らすように泊まる イメージ

    The traditional Japanese inn that renovated the 140-year-old folk house, the former Nishimura residence, which once served as the "Nishimura Folk Museum" to convey the way of life in the past. It suffered damage from the Kumamoto earthquake and there was a temporary proposal to demolish it, but the "Kosaten Project" was started by the voices of people in and outside of Kosamachi who wanted to find a way to utilize the building. It opened with TRATTORIA SAN VITO next door.

  • COMMON IDOE - 熊本県甲佐町のキャンプ場 - グランピング イメージ

    The facility, which was damaged in the 2016 Kumamoto earthquake, reopened in July 2020 as a new glamping facility called "COMMON IDOE" after a complete renovation.

  • trattoria SanVito | 熊本県甲佐町 古民家イタリアン料理店 イメージ

    An Italian restaurant renovated from a 140-year-old traditional Japanese house, serving regional cuisine from all over Italy, prepared by a chef who trained in Italy and Tokyo. The menu features dishes made with fresh, seasonal ingredients from Kumamoto, Kyushu, with a focus on local vegetables and fruits from Kosa Town.

  • 古田パン「毎日食べても安心なパン」をコンセプトに作るパン屋。 イメージ

    "Furuta-pan" is a small workshop located in a corner of NIPPONIA Kosa Sosui-no-Sato, where they make bread using homemade sweet sake yeast. The bread has a crispy outer layer, fluffy and chewy inside, and a subtly sweet, simple flavor that doesn't get old even if you eat it every day.

  • 甲佐 朝の市 イメージ

    "We want to have an event where I can see the faces of the producers. We want to wake up early with everyone and have a pleasant breakfast." With such thoughts, "Kosa Morning Market" was started.

  • こうさてんマルシェ イメージ

    We aim to create a market in Kosa town where people's feelings intersect like a crossroad, bringing happiness of meeting people in person, the pleasure of going out, and the joy of discovering wonderful things.

  • こうさてんCINEMA イメージ

    Let's bring movies to our town. It's a outdoor movie festival that was launched with the hope of letting the current children feel the excitement of watching movies in town, and someday reminiscing about Kosa town as a happy memory, based on memories of the two movie theaters that once existed in Kosa town.

  • magazine BO | 熊本県甲佐町のローカルウェブマガジン イメージ

    Located in the center of Kyushu, Kosa Town in Kamimashiki District, Kumamoto Prefecture. Our website is a local information dissemination site created by those of us who live in Kosa Town, to directly convey the interesting aspects of our region from a local perspective.

Kosa Town, Kumamoto Kosa Town, Kumamoto 
Kosa Town, Kumamoto Kosa Town, Kumamoto